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Thursday, DECEMBER 2, 2021 



Love wasn't canceled in the pandemic... it was streamed! Watch our big day below:

Ceremony Video @ MSG



Even prior to getting engaged, we were always fond of December 2nd, 2021 because it is a palindrome. 

Quick refresher: A palindrome is a word, number, or phrase that reads the same forward and backward. 

December 2nd, 2021 is a palindrome in both its abbreviated (12-2-21) and full (12-02-2021) date formats.


Bonus Fun Fact: It is also an ambigram!


We love basketball! From attending the 2016 NBA All-Star Game in Toronto (which was Kobe's last), to watching the USA Basketball Men's National Team, to becoming immersed into the Las Vegas Aces community (Aubrey was the youngest season ticket holder at one point!), basketball has always played a big part in our relationship and our family. 

When it comes to NBA teams, Kris is a Chicago Bulls fan and Armand is (obnoxiously and proudly) a New York Knicks fan. We both secretly root for the other's team as long as they're not playing each other. We find common ground when it comes to the WNBA as we all love our hometown Lady Acesssssss. 

So fittingly, we got engaged at center court during a Las Vegas Aces playoff game on September 28th, 2021.


As we started looking at dates for our wedding, we looked to see what NBA games were scheduled for December 2nd. To our shock, we discovered that the Chicago Bulls will be playing the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden! In typical fashion, we've decided to be unconventional and continue our basketball love story by getting married in a private suite during this game. Think courthouse wedding but substitute the courthouse with a suite in MSG.


We considered many options including different dates, venues, sizes, types (in-person vs virtual) but with the uncertainties of the pandemic, we thought it was best to move forward this way. Plus, we couldn't wait to say "I do!"


Kris & Armand... REYES!


Our Wedding Story
The Big Day Photo Shoot


Ok, here's the deal... it was requested that we put up this section. 

We really don't need wedding presents-- we have plenty of blessings and a healthy beautiful family. 

If you insist on gifting us with anything, you can do so below:


Alternatively, you can tap/click or scan the QR code:

Wedding Presents
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